About LWA


With more than 25 years of experience, Laurijsen WeegAutomaten is a well-known partner providing weighing solutions for the food and non-food industry. Our machines are set-up in combination with packaging machines used for filling bags, boxes, jars and dishes such as:

  • Vertical packaging machines: e.g. Rovema, Bosch, UVA, Innotech, GEA/Aquarius, Masek, Velteko, ULMA, Pentavac, Audion, GKS
  • Top sealing machines: e.g. Tramper, Sealpac, Mondini, Reepac, Caveco
  • Thermoforming packaging machines: e.g. Multivac, Tiromat
  • Horizontal packaging machines: e.g. Laudenberg, Bossar, Volpak, SN Maschinen
  • Cartoning machines: e.g. Senzani, Betti
  • Packing clip machines: e.g. Thürlings, PS Mako
  • Bag-in-box: e.g. Pattyn
  • Bucket and jar lines: e.g. EFM, Globetech

By specializing in weighing, we have acquired extensive knowledge over the years. We have completed more than 1,000 projects with very different applications and have acquired a high level of experience regarding what can and, in particular, what cannot  be weighed properly. When in doubt, we always set up machines in Dongen to test your product.

pand lwa (laurijsen weegautomaten) in dongen netherlands


Naturally, we offer comprehensive technical support for all our machines. Our qualified and very experienced technicians provide:

  • Mechanical and electrical installation
  • Guidance during production start-up
  • Training for operators (and refresher courses)
  • Trouble-shooting (mostly by phone, if possible, but also on-site)

“Our technicians sell the second machine”

This quote is certainly true for LWA. Due to the short response times, the elaborate part inventory and our own metal workshop, we can provide excellent flexibility to minimize down-time during production.


machine newweigh

In-house developed and built stainless steel linear weigher. Customer-specific adaptation for optimal speed and accuracy.

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machine combimat

Multihead weighers for high speeds with excellent value for money. Many models, often available from stock.

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Solid linear weighers designed for a very wide range of products. Overhauled and, if required, converted to verified digital control system.

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