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NewWeigh Lineair Weighers

NewWeigh linear weighers are developed and manufactured fully in-house. This flexibility ensures that weighers can be customized for each customer in order to obtain optimal output and accuracy. All NewWeigh weighers are factory equipped with:

  • Touchscreen operation in various languages (including Dutch, German, French, English, Spanish, Swedish and Finnish) and storage of up to 99 product programs
  • Solid stainless steel construction of both frame and contact parts, making the weighers easy to clean.
  • Use of high-grade components from HBM, Sigmatek and Festo
  • Very accurate and MID verified weigher control system
  • Synchronization with packaging machine

NewWeigh Short Version

2014-12-C-Kremers-origineel groene achtergrond verschaald

The short models are suitable for fine-grained products such as seeds, rice, cereals, detergents, granulates, salt, etc. The version with 1 vibrating feeder produces less dust accumulation and less segregation.

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NewWeigh Long Version


The long models with 4 vibrating feeders are suitable for large products such as biscuits, candy, meat, deep-frozen products, etc. Optimal accuracy can be obtained with the separate redosing feeder.

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NewWeigh Belt Weigher


The belt weigher is mainly suitable for large target weights from 5 to 25 kg. By using a conveyor belt, a high output is obtained and the hygienic design makes the weigher easy to clean.

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NewWeigh FreeFlow


The FreeFlow is the best option for fully free-flowing products such as salt and sugar. Since no vibrating feeders are used, the weigher is very compact and accurate and dust accumulation is low.

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NewWeigh TableTop


This weigher is an ideal entry model for packaging companies. Easy to clean, which makes it perfect for frequent product change-overs. Suitable for short runs with nuts, tea, coffee, etc.

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NewWeigh Specials


When existing weighing installations are replaced, the available space for a new weigher is often restricted. Each weigher is custom-built by LWA.

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